Albatross Cohort

Sydney 2015/2016
10 Thousand Girl


10thousandgirl is a not for profit organisation that aims to increase the wellbeing and economic health of women by providing workshops to educate and empower women across Australia.

Amanda Deacon

Charity Leader, 10thousandgirl

“It’s inspiring to be surrounded by people who have a clear purpose and are driven by something more important than money.”


Neil Smoli – Aviate

Business Leader for 10thousandgirl

“It has been so great to be a part of The Growth Project.”


Batyr Logo


batyr provides support for young people to share their stories of mental health with other young people so  they feel encouraged to have positive conversations and empowered to reach out for support.

Sam Refshauge

Charity Leader, Batyr

“A great opportunity to spend time thinking about how we can do things better and connect with people who will help us do that.”


Tim Dodd – Terrace Tower Group

Business Leader for Batyr

“The Growth Project has been an inspiring journey. Growth is evident for both charity and business leaders.”


Feel The Magic Logo

Feel the Magic

Feel the Magic runs a grief education and support program ‘Camp Magic’, which provides a safe place for grieving kids to grow. They aim to provide children with a skill set that allows them to explore and understand their grief with peers sharing a similar circumstance.

James Thomas

Charity Leader, Feel The Magic

“I’m excited and challenged all at the same time. This program is the best thing for me and Feel the Magic at this time.”


Carl Gough, meetmagic 

Business Leader for Feel The Magic

“I look forward to The Growth Project every month. I have grown personally and more spiritually, mentally, creatively than ever before – I’m very grateful for this – flow is visible.”


Gidget Foundation Logo

Gidget Foundation

The Gidget Foundation provides support services for families suffering emotional distress during pregnancy and early parenting. They also provide education and awareness programs for health professionals and the community to learn more about Perinatal Anxiety and depression.

Catherine Knox

Charity Leader, Gidget Foundation

“The Growth Project has broadened my world and challenged my thinking. Helping to clarify who, what, where and why.”


Clare Morgan

Business Leader, CBA

“Fantastic experience and I continue to grow and develop each time I engage with The Program and my not for profit partner.”


Gunawirra Logo


Gunawirra provides therapy services to young Aboriginal children who are dealing with trauma and assists and supports these children and their families – making their lives so much more enlightened.

Joy Krahe

“It was absolute confirmation that I am doing what feeds my soul”


Julie Hunter

Business Leader, CBA

“Really enriching in terms of new connections, personal growth and making a difference.”


Kids Giving Back Logo

Kids Giving Back

Kids Giving Back is creating the next generation of generosity by providing volunteer opportunities for kids.

Carol Schlessinger

Charity Leader, Kids Giving Back

“I’m feeling energised and inspired.”


Anthony Chesler

Business Leader

“The Growth Project is assisting me to be a ‘better version of myself’, inspiring me to do more good in everything I do.”


Medearth Logo


Medearth promotes the protection and enhancement of our natural environment through a waste reduction program that repurposes and redistributes medical supplies and equipment discarded by the health care industry. Medearth takes what hospitals no longer want and gives it to those who need it in order to improve the lives of those less fortunate.

Lara Garfinkel

Charity Leader, Medearth

“The Growth Project has been a phenomenal journey of personal growth. I have learnt so much about myself and my purpose.”


Nick Sankey

Business Leader, CBA

“Whilst still developing, it is an eye opening experience to see the passion and dedication of the charity leaders. I feel like I am developing in a different way compared to the corporate world”


Miracle Babies Logo

Miracle Babies

Miracle Babies provides friendship, support, education and guidance for families of premature and sick newborns. Working with health professionals, Miracle Babies provides informative education and insight on a family’s experience and funding for equipment, resources and research.

Kylie Pussell

Charity Leader, Miracle Babies

“Very excited to learn even more and see new ways to benefit our organisation.”


David Farr

Business Leader, CBA

“Brilliant! There is so much untapped potential in the room that can be channelled for great things.”


Sids and Kids Logo

SIDS & Kids

SIDS & Kids is dedicated to saving the lives of babies and children during pregnancy, birth, infancy and childhood and supporting bereaved families.

Maxine Harrower

Charity Leader

“The value is the roller-coaster ride The Growth Project takes you on.”


Sarah Brown

Business Leader, CBA

“Huge amount of opportunity and inspiration.”


Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation Logo

Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation

Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation aims to make our communities safer for our children and others and to foster behavioural change in young people to create a responsible drinking culture.

Kathy Kelly

Charity Leader, Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation

“Following the presentations today there were some very valuable points raised by the room to assist those who spoke about the progression of their boards/ organisations.”


Helen Nott

Business Leader

“Logistically challenging but good. It’s a hard task for The Growth Project – there are very different organisations at very different levels of development.”


The information provided on this page is true and accurate as at the start of each person’s participation in The Growth Program. For up to date information on the charities, charity leaders and business leaders, please refer to their websites or LinkedIn profiles.

The Growth Project

The Growth Project is a non-profit organisation that supported small, successful charities to maximise their impact on the world.

We delivered this through an innovative personal development program that brought together charity and business leaders in an environment of shared learning. Throughout the 12-month course, participants shared knowledge and experiences, learnt how to run more effective and efficient organisations and developed their leadership skills.

The Growth Project is an ACNC registered charity.

We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of country throughout Australia and recognise their continuing connection to land, waters and culture. We pay our respects to their Elders past, present and emerging.


By helping those who help, we have created connections and ripples of impact that will endure well beyond The Growth Project.

Larry Fingleson