Doves Cohort

Sydney 2017/2018

The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation

The Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Foundation was created to nurture talented young women through mentoring and financial support. The Foundation provides financial grants and a mentor to Australian women and girls who have a dream and need support to help them achieve it.

Trish Crews

Charity Leader, Aim for the Stars Foundation


Lynda Pallone

Business Leader, Blackmores



Catalysr is a business accelerator that supports skilled refugees and migrants who face barriers to employment. Through an intensive entrepreneurial program, we help participants tap into their entrepreneurial spirit to start a business and create their own future.

Jacob Muller

Charity Leader, Catalysr


Lance Shofer

Business Leader, Shack Homewares


Dandelion Support Network

The Dandelion Support Network accept, sort, and safety check nursery items, clothes, toys and linen for babies and children for families in need.

Sarah Mross

Charity Leader, Dandelion Support Network

Alex Haloulos

Business Leader, Sage



Dreams2Live4 realises the dreams of patients living with metastatic cancer – meaning any cancer that has spread, aggressive brain cancer, relapsed lymphoma and relapsed leukaemia. This year our dedicated team will work with more than 400 brave dreamers facing this life threatening disease.

Louise Mahoney

Charity Leader, Dreams2Live4


Catherine Macdonald

Business Leader, CBA


Mr Perfect

Mr. Perfect is a grassroots, men’s support network with a vision to transform men’s mental health by making it a comfortable discussion for all.​ We facilitate conversation and connection predominantly through our Meetup BBQs that encourage authentic personal stories, education and interaction. Mr. Perfect is always, Grassroots, Inclusive and Supportive.

Terry Cornick

Charity Leader, Mr Perfect


Gordon Long

Business Leader, CBA


National Centre for Childhood Grief

The National Centre for Childhood Grief, also known as ‘A Friend’s Place’, provides free bereavement counselling for children and young people, as well as a range of other activities to support bereaved children. In addition, we offer counselling for bereaved adults and run training workshops and seminars for health professionals and other organisations.

Liz Mann

Charity Leader, National Centre for Childhood Grief


Aaron Bartram

Business Leader, Stuart Alexander


Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation

The Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation is dedicated to funding research in to the rare, genetic disorder Sanfilippo Syndrome. We fund projects that show promise of halting disease progression; repairing damage caused by the condition; or improve the quality of life for children who suffer from Sanfilippo.

Megan Donnell

Charity Leader, Sanfilippo Children’s Foundation


Paul Schoff

Business Leader, MinterEllison



StreetWork provides prevention and early intervention services medium-high ‘at risk’ young people aged 11-18 affected by crime, destructive relationships, mental health issues, violence, homelessness, social isolation, alcohol or substances abuse, those disengaged from school/education or with poor employment with opportunities.

Helen Banu

Charity Leader, StreetWork


Vikas Rajpal

Business Leader, CBA


The Banksia Project

The Banksia Project – A mental wellness initiative combining awareness building with constructive action. This is achieved through:

  • Empowering Community and peer support;
  • Enhancing social connection and learning through the sharing of experiences
  • Promotion and adoption of positive, evidence-based lifestyle and mental health practices

Bryan Coleman

Charity Leader, The Banksia Project


Lindy Newton

Business Leader, CBA


The GroundSwell Project

The GroundSwell Project (GSP) is an international leader in death literacy, and has been at the forefront of this movement in Australia. We are passionate innovators focused on systemic long-term change and aim to create a cultural shift in the way Australians respond to death, dying and grief. Our mission is to create a more death literate society, one where people and communities have the practical know-how needed to plan well and respond so that when someone is dying, caring or grieving, we all know what to do.

Jessie Williams

Charity Leader, The GroundSwell Project


Cathal Houlihan

Business Leader, CBA


The information provided on this page is true and accurate as at the start of each person’s participation in The Growth Program. For up to date information on the charities, charity leaders and business leaders, please refer to their websites or LinkedIn profiles.