Having limited resources for endless possibilities is a common dilemma for those working in the charity sector.

Over the past 2 days Heather and I have experienced this first hand as The Growth Project met 16 inspiring charity leaders in Perth and learned from each of them about their worthy causes. The overwhelming reflection we shared as we left Perth was the calibre of the people and the commitment they have to giving throughout the Perth community.

We are now even more enthused, committed and inspired by the possibilities and ripples of positive impact that The Growth Project can and will have. Not just on the individuals that will be part of the program – but importantly the social causes they support and the individual lives that will be impacted over the next year and beyond.

The Perth Cohort will consist of 10 charities – which we will announce shortly.

Meantime we thank our valued supporters for believing in The Growth Project and making this impact and outcome possible for the charity leaders and their charities in Perth.

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