Last night we shared an amazing experience with the inaugural graduates of The Growth Project – the Albatross alumni.

As part of the graduation ceremony – and as their final session – each charity and business leader presented together on an experience of theirs.

With such a diverse group of charities represented each speaker had a very different story to tell – with some making us laugh and others cry but all leaving us feeling reflective on the important work they all do and why they are so driven to do so.

Congratulations to:

Sam Refshauge (Batyr) & Tim Dodd (Terrace Tower Group)

Carole Schlessinger (Kids Giving Back) & Anthony Chesler

Joy Krahe & Julie Hunter (CBA)

Catherine Knox (Gidget Foundation) & Clare Morgan (CBA)

Kathy Kelly (Thomas Kelly Youth Foundation) & Helen Nott

Lara Garfinkel (MedEarth) & Nick Sankey (CBA)

Amanda Deacon (10ThousandGirl) & Neil Smoli (Aviate)

Maxine Harrower & Sarah Brown (CBA)

James Thomas (Feel The Magic) & Carl Gough

Kylie Pussell (Miracle Babies) & David Farr (CBA)

They are an inspiring group of people and we wish them every success.